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Zac McHardy

My Recipe For Real Estate Success – Top 5 Ingredients

When I started in real estate four years ago, I honestly had no real idea what I was meant to be doing. I was working as a PA for a leading agent in the area and noticed that vendors were always calling to list with him. At this stage, I thought the real estate game seemed really easy, and wished I had entered it sooner. Then I stopped being a PA and opened a new office nearby and realised it was not that easy. It took me a while to figure it all out but slowly, ingredient-by-ingredient, I was able to put it all together and build a successful business.


Everyone talks about goals all the time but do they really believe them and follow them? Do they have them written down? Do they look at them every day and visualise them? Unfortunately, most people don’t. There was a massive change in my career when I looked over them every day. I had them in my wallet in my bedroom, in front of my laptop at the office and any place I would look when I was not focused or stressed. Only a short time after, I could see the movement towards them and the focus was much higher.

Top Tip: Write your top five goals, laminate them, put them in your wallet, and look at them three times a day.

There is a secret to prospecting that only a few agents seem to have a grasp on – consistency and discipline.



I stick to four types of prospecting in my core area. Cold calling, warm calls (contacts I have made over the time), letterbox drops, and open homes. There is a secret to prospecting that only a few agents seem to have a grasp on – consistency and discipline. Prospecting takes up about 60% of my day and the rest will fit in. You need to feel comfortable about your prospecting and have a plan. Follow your numbers and see where you get the most leads. For me it is open for inspections. I generally get about 60% of my leads from this. Therefore, I put most of my time into this style of prospecting.

Top Tip: Make a prospecting plan and stick to it. Make it your priority. Follow your numbers and see what is working for you. Do not start with something then stop only 3 weeks later.

Having time for yourself and your family is vital.



I loved working seven days a week running around chasing the deal (and I still do). However, I worked myself to the ground. I now only work five and a half days each week. I have a 5am start on a Friday and then head home around 1pm to wash the car and relax for show day on Saturdays. I also do not work Sundays. This is something new for me but I can already see the difference. Real estate can give you a lot but it can also take much away if you let it. Having time for yourself and your family is vital. You need to constantly recharge and be fresh. I recently came back from fantastic two months in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore. I was able to get my mind off the day to work and look at my business from a different perspective. On return, I implemented new systems that are already working for me.

Top Tip: Book your breaks on the calendar now and look at it every day. You will be amazed how much you will focus on making sure that time away is the best you have had.



Time after time, I went to conferences, seminars, and in house training. I always walked out pumped up and keen to get it all going. Even though I picked up at least 10 ideas from each session, I still noticed that nothing was really changing and I could not understand why. Then I realised I was not implementing anything. A great idea picked up from a friend and mentor of mine is implementation Thursday. Make a list of everything you want to start doing or implement into your business and work on that once a week for two hours on a Thursday. Since learning this very simple skill, I have implemented over 35 new ideas into my business.

Top Tip: Make a list of 100 things to implement. Go back through all your notes from any training you have done to help you make your list. Rank them from easiest to hardest and work on one easy one and one hard one.

Just like a good recipe, it can take time for everything to blend but the sooner you start the quicker you get to eat your cake.



One of the best things I have implemented, and continue to do today, is taking time to analyse my numbers. I have been doing this for just over a year now and it really shows you what you are doing or not doing. Grab any one of the KPI forms from the Internet and start with what numbers you want to do per week. I currently use an iPad app for mine, as it’s mobile and easy to download a report at the end of the week to see how I have gone. I have now implemented a “Buddy System” with another agent and we compare numbers at the end of the day/ week and keep challenging ourselves. If we do not achieve our numbers, we try to figure out why.

Being accountable has been a great way to ensure I reach 100% on all of my KPIs. Don’t try to put numbers in that are unachievable. Be realistic, but push yourself.

Top Tip: Talk to someone you trust. They do not have to be in your office (mine isn’t) and send them a text each day or a quick call to let them know how you went. Book in a fortnightly lunch. Sit down with them and talk about any issues you have had during the past two weeks. Another person’s advice might be just what you need to help you get to you achievements.


This is my recipe. It has been great for me, and so far in my career it has been a fantastic ride. I think if you follow these five steps, you will see a big change in your business in only a short amount of time. Just like a good recipe, it can take time for everything to blend but the sooner you start the quicker you get to eat your cake.


Keen to hear your thoughts…

I’m putting together a Top 10 Ingredients for Real Estate Success and I’d be really interested to hear from Real Estate Mentors readers if you have any other ingredients that you feel should be included.

Thank You in advance. I hope you enjoyed the insights I shared within this Top 5 Ingredients article.


This article originally appeared in Sold Magazine.


Graeme Mills

The Best Motivational Movie Ever, 2013 – GET RESULTS

It has been a long held belief of mine that one has to be motivated in all walks of life or the world becomes a different place. Life without effort is a life full of regret.

Family, health, fitness, education, finance, business, employers, employees, the law, etc., etc., all test the mind and its normal functioning. There are times when it all appears far too hard and it is natural to question one’s own inner strength. If one is not motivated these items will destroy normal functioning of many brains with, sadly too often, devastating consequences.

“Believe in yourself, because if you don’t, no others will”


With this in mind I thought I’d share this truly inspirational video with agents:

Don’t let others tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. If you have a dream then ‘GO AFTER IT’ and inch forward towards your own goals, NOT those of others.

Set your own desires, live your life on your terms and go after what you want…and stop getting in your own way with self-limiting beliefs and freedom-sucking fears that always appear just at that moment you were about to take the next step towards your goals and stop you. We all have fears. Some cripple us into non-action, whilst others excite us in to achieving incredible against the odds results.

Make a vow to yourself to…

Take Control of Your Fears


Remember what Henry Ford said,

“whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”

This statement applies to life in so many ways.

We often associate motivation with sport and there are truly some great sportspeople with stories that will motivate the slowest of all. The desire to achieve or win is paramount to the whole position of motivation. In the movie we see a football team being “coached” to play inch by inch, play by play and fight their way back from a losing position. It is when all the inches are added up that the difference will be recorded as winning or losing. The team is propelled to “die for each inch” and to never give in.

Above is the inspirational cartoon that you may have seen before (involving the frog in the mouth of the pelican, about to be swallowed with the frog holding to the throat of the bird with grim death in order to restrict it from letting that happen). How better to be motivated – life or death.

Understand That Your Personal Determination and Mental Toughness Will Be Questioned Continuously!

Mental strength is vital to motivation in order to take you to the top. If you want something badly enough – go get it.

In this video, Mrs. J. K. Rowling (bestselling author of “Harry Potter”) noted that

“… some failure in life is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might well not have lived at all.”

How true!

Personally, adversity is the greatest disruption to a normal life. Health, injuries, death, breakdowns in business practice, deceipt within close quarters and financial stresses really place many pressures upon one’s mind. It is difficult to get motivated at times. As an agent I turn to sport or a hobby such as fishing. Time allows for clear thinking and the appraisal of one’s values in life.

A “repulser” is a handy instrument to the clear mind. Have a physical object or item that you can view when you need to straighten out.  For me, in the past, that merely involved a paper twenty dollar note that was inside the front cover of my diary. This reminded me of some issue of the past and gave me the drive to make sure that it did not happen again.


“If you’ve gotta dream, you’ve gotta protect it”

As an agent you face many obstacles that will deliver volumes of adversity to your surroundings. Many buyers and vendors are making decisions, big decisions, based on adversity. Results are required by desire, death, family situations unknown, the bank, investment requirements, locations, etc. It is how you face and deal with these obstacles that will deliver your desired goals. You need to be motivated or the people with whom you are dealing will pick up on your down day and you will pay the consequences. You will not be the appointed agent or you will not observe the motivation factor of the party and miss the business.

Live in the moment! and…

Get Out There And Give It Everything You’ve Got!


Success requires a deal of effort. But it’s worth it. Most humans invariably choose the path of least resistance and this is where a top performer will take advantage of set-backs or any situations with competitors… You are your greatest competitor! Take action, keep motivated and never give up on your dreams.

ACTION STEP: Watch this video! Get inspired and commit to taking action on something you’ve been putting off…

Love to hear your thoughts about this video and what part resonated with you the most!