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REUNCUT – – is a free daily update for agents that is packed with advice on new marketing trends and general tips on building a better and stronger business ……. and yes its FREE every day.

If you’re an agent and not currently tuning in I thought the Real Estate Mentors readers might like to watch a snapshot of some of what you might expect from our daily show.

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This week we’ve just had John McGrath on as a Guest Mentor and he shared some terrific insights for agents who really want to succeed. We also had Robert Bevan talking on effective focus groups and lots more great interviews.

Each weekday, REUNCUT, features some fast facts from Robert Bevan as well as some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading trainers about what they are seeing and saying about the market, tips on running sales meetings that fit today’s market and loads more – all that packed into a fast paced 5 minute capsule.  All this delivered FREE to your desktop, iPod or mobile device through iTunes.

On top of all this we are currently running a competition which could mean that you and a friend could both win an iPAD.

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Kevin Turner

Don’t get caught up in the ‘must be last in’ debate

When I started in real estate (too many years ago to want to tell you), I was trained that when I am presenting for a listing that its best to be the last agent in.  It made a lot of sense to me then but it makes no sense now.

Back in ’88 (there I have given it away), we didn’t have databases, social media or other forms of marketing ideas that would allow us to become a person’s agent before they needed one.

Your goal nowadays should be focussed around being the ‘only agent’ called in, not the one who wants to go last.

People are now very time poor and do a lot of their research about agents over the internet, because it’s more convenient for them.

Most simply don’t have the time to interview lots of agents, so you need to make sure that they like what they find out about you over the internet.

Another point – imagine being the poor seller who has to sit through 2 to 3 presentations, several hours each, to make a decision about the best agent.  My guess is that after 2 it would be hard to stay awake let alone make a decision.

Interested in others thoughts on this…

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