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Don’t get caught up in the ‘must be last in’ debate

When I started in real estate (too many years ago to want to tell you), I was trained that when I am presenting for a listing that its best to be the last agent in.  It made a lot of sense to me then but it makes no sense now.

Back in ’88 (there I have given it away), we didn’t have databases, social media or other forms of marketing ideas that would allow us to become a person’s agent before they needed one.

Your goal nowadays should be focussed around being the ‘only agent’ called in, not the one who wants to go last.

People are now very time poor and do a lot of their research about agents over the internet, because it’s more convenient for them.

Most simply don’t have the time to interview lots of agents, so you need to make sure that they like what they find out about you over the internet.

Another point – imagine being the poor seller who has to sit through 2 to 3 presentations, several hours each, to make a decision about the best agent.  My guess is that after 2 it would be hard to stay awake let alone make a decision.

Interested in others thoughts on this…

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9 Responses to “Don’t get caught up in the ‘must be last in’ debate”

  • Great post Kevin. I’ve found that as my web presence has grown I’m needing to be ‘last in’ less often. Certainly in my case “Last in” is being replaced by “most visible online”. Your article has re-inforced for me how important it is to immediately direct people I want to work for, to my online profile, case studies, successes, tips, etc.

  • Great post Kevin and so true in this day and technology. It is true to become their Real Estate Agent before they need you. Keep up the great work with as I listen daily and it is very educational as well as motivational. Cheers Dean Yeo from Ray White Paddington

  • Like you Kevin, I think it’s best to be both the first, the last & the only agent called in.

    Whilst I believe that it shouldn’t matter, but there seem to be a lot of agents who ask to be last in & some real estate trainers are pretty adamant that agent’s should only ever go in last at a listing appointment.

    Imagine if the client rang 3 agents & all of them asked if they could be last in. The client would have to smell a rat wouldn’t they? Or think that none of the agents actually want to do the listing presentation.

    If agents looked at new ways to generate/convert business and build trusting relationships online plus, establish strategic alliances they would find that no other agent will even get a chance at being called in, simply because the agent either comes highly recommended or they offer something that the other agents don’t.

  • Hello Kevin, I have never been phased in being first or last. Personally I concentrate on prospecting and establish relationships from that. Having confidence comes in handy at a listing presentation, however there are always listings if you have manners and respect for people and work hard for all clients that you have. A good agent should be getting listings from referrals and repeat business and word of mouth.

  • Thanks Dean. How is the new position going? I see you have some listings already. Not bad for your first month in the industry.

  • Steve – No doubt your work in pulling contacts back to your website is paying off! By the way – Steve’s email responder is under Free Stuff right now at I love the story about how you were called in recently to list a house that was sold by someone else in your office because you adopted them as yours over a period of time. remember – they are real estate orphans until they meet you!

  • Well said Leigh. A combination of all those things help to set you apart from other agents. Listings are not earned necessarily at a presentation but more from the work you put in over a long period of time.

  • Hi Kevin,

    I did agreed with what you said, don’t get caught up in the ‘must be last in’ debate.

    Nowadays the prospective buyers or tenants are looking for the proactive agent who can contact them the soonest when they submitted an enquiry to the agents in town.

    I didn’t know whether I am considered as in the Gen-Y group, according to Greg Vincent, as I did a lots of marketing through online, and the feedback is fantastic.

    So, whenever I received an enquiry I will call them on the spot or replying their emails immediately.

  • This sounds a little arrogant to me, now that the years have tempered me, but I used to try to be first in, and then I’d get the listing and I’d cancel the other agents listing appointments personally, (taking the pressure to tell the other agents ‘sorry, but we’ve listed with Glenn’, but still offer to show them around the property and offer them 50/50 if they had any buyers that it would suit.

    Did this on numerous occasions, and agents would be mad at me, but one of my trainers once said to me, ‘Don’t Get Mad, Get Better.’

    You’re the best Kev, talk soon,

    Glenn Twiddle
    Real Estate Training

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