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Future Of Real Estate Agents Commission 2010

I am currently in the process of conducting a survey of real estate agents and their thoughts about what they feel could have the greatest affect on their commissions throughout 2010.

There’s been a fantastic response to this survey so far, and it’s generated a lot of discussion and interest within the real estate industry already.

For example, earlier this week I spoke with radio announcer Kevin Turner for REUncut about some of the feedback and what can be derived from just one part of the survey so far, here’s the interview…

Interview: Future Of Agents Commission 2010

From some of the feedback I’ve received,  it’s very obvious that discount services are having an impact & don’t appear to be going away any time soon…
Future Of Agents Commission 2010
Going forward it appears that real estate agents are going to need to focus on implementing ways that they can deliver a greater level of service, improve response times, adopt different marketing strategies, become more innovative and provide lots of evidence that they are worth every cent of their commission.

Those agents that do will be able to thrive, regardless of who enters their marketplace.

To share your thoughts and opinions about this important issue affecting our real estate industry, make sure you have your say by clicking the link below to complete this quick survey (easily completed in under 90 seconds).

Please Click Here to access the Future Of Agents Commission 2010 Survey

Note: The survey will close on February 19th 2010 and results will be compiled & an extensive report will be released right here at the Real Estate University shortly afterwards.

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