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Handling a Changing Market – Problems Are Normal

Recently I was talking to a good friend, a successful real estate agent, who had just come back from a holiday in Fiji. While away enjoying a well earned break a sales colleague sent a message hoping she was having a good holiday and suggested don’t bother coming back, the market had died. It amazes me that anyone in sales would first send such a message and secondly it proves that there are salespeople who have this outlook and are happy to gleefully share it with others.

When any salesperson hears this type of comment their attitude dictates their mindset and there are two ways to feel, it depends if they are a person who reacts (negative) or responds (positive). If you react the news will come as a threat and immediately put you in a position thinking of all the negative outcomes that will affect you, your income and your sales. You will concentrate your thinking to survival mode and take your eye of the ball and cloud your judgement with all the things that can go wrong. “Henny Penny the skies falling in!” 

The positive response to the comment, “The market has died” is to say “what again?” You see we are in an economy that by its very nature will go through cycles and what one day seems to be all good, onward and upward, can the next be in decline. The informed professional salesperson understands these dynamics and has allowed for them in their plans so they are expected. Their prospecting and systems are in place and this approach will provide for them the confidence to be prepared for the events that will always be happening outside their control. In saying, what again, is to understand the events have happened in the past and nothing is new, there is no point for waiting for things to get back to normal, there is no normal? 

You have to expect that the economy and the world in which we live is always changing and it is how you handle this environment will be the measure of your success. There is no point in having the attitude that things will get back to normal and that you will return to your “comfort zone” for the rest of your working life in sales. If you are waiting for things to get back to normal your wait will be in vain, you can’t live in a bubble insulated from world events. If in your market and the economy in general you have not kept up to date with what is happening you will not be in position to understand the causes and effects of why things are the way they are, knowledge is everything. 

Just think for a moment about your competitors and how are they taking the changing market, are they responding or reacting. Based on the eighty twenty rule you could expect that eighty percent of them are in survival mode and have taken their eyes of the ball. In this type of economic environment opportunities will arise, the positive salesperson with an attitude that problems are normal will present themselves as the sales professional and win the business. They know that negativity is contagious and make the conscious decision to separate themselves from the pity parties and all those that seem to enjoy the spreading of bad or negative news. 

The survival of any sales team or endeavour will only be successful if it can achieve this goal of separation and take away all the, sky falling in, negative opinions and views that seem to get more attention than they deserve. 

In researching my book I learned that the Chinese character for change is the same as opportunity. Therefore Change = Opportunity should be in your mind at all times. 

The strength of your career in selling will come from your planned investment of time and money in developing your attitude, knowledge, programs, systems and methods to protect you from any adverse events that will and are going to happen, problems are normal. Be prepared for change it has a habit of happening without warning. 

It is through adapting and coping with change that we evolve, grow and achieve the feeling of accomplishment. 

The sky is NOT falling in! 

For more on Attitude follow the link to read the extract on chapter four in my book “4 Qualities of the Successful Sales Professional”.

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  • Dylan Halliday says:

    Personally I am having a great month listings heaps of properties and getting my stock up. I am going to implement a buyer blitz system over the new financial year to get a nice steady flow of business.

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