Greg Vincent

My tip for the Big Race is…

When picking the winner in the Melbourne Cup, you’ve only got a field of 24 horses to choose from, whereas when a Property Seller is trying to Pick Out an Agent, they now have a whole lot more choice than that…

…and whether you like it or not, the internet and Social Media has now changed our real estate industry forever!

You see, as my great friend Tom Panos said yesterday on Twitter…
“Internet and social media means customers know as much about your business as your employees. You simply can’t fake it. Its so fair now.”

Nowadays the web has become like the Seller’s Online Form Guide for ‘Picking the Winner’ amongst Real Estate Agents…

So how can you increase the odds that you’re THE AGENT selected?

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Real Estate is Your BIG Race and…

…all you really need to do to win the Real Estate BIG Race is BE THE AGENT who gets called-in to more appraisals.

My tip for the BIG Race is ‘Back-Yourself’


You CAN become the winner you always knew deep down in your heart that you could be (and to achieve it is really simple once you know how)…

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Wishing you all the best in Your BIG Race

Here’s to Your Fast-Track Success

Warm Regards

Greg Vincent

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I look forward to catching up with you on Thursday’s FREE webinar.

PPS: Always ‘Back Yourself’. It’s the best bet you will ever place!!!



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