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‘New’ Australian Real Estate Widgets Launched

Yesterday, I was speaking at the Brisbane session of ‘A Morning with Australia and New Zealand’s Top Agents’ when it was announced that PriceFinder have just launched a new offering to agents.

Taking inspiration from the success of Zillow and Trulia’s ‘cool’ web site widgets, PriceFinder has released its own range of agent website tools for Australia.

Widgets are an easy way to enhance your own website, increasing traffic and generating leads.

According to Kent Lardner, Chief Operating Officer of PriceFinder;

“Your web site visitors can now search for recent sales that match their property as well as view sales and growth charts for free. We have several new widgets now available as well as banners to enhance both the look and the functionality of a real estate agency website”

Click Here to see these new widgets.

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2 Responses to “‘New’ Australian Real Estate Widgets Launched”

  • HI Greg,

    Very exciting is this news, and congratulations to Nick from Price Finder for developing and implementing this idea. I have to say that the speed at which the tools for real estate agents to really ramp up and gain market share by being “ahead of the pack” is spinning my head! Also thankyou for your generous sharing yesterday at Kevin Turners Top Performers seminar. I would be very surprised if you weren’t deluged with enquiry from agents about your brilliant new product – if anything could be guaranteed to quadruple an agents listing success rates, this would have to be it – almost tempts me to move back in sales!

    Cheers Terri

  • Terri, I think it’s a great initiative by PriceFinder. They appear to have their finger on the pulse for what agents & consumers want. Whilst other property data providers are charging the general public for this information, (normally about $50 a report) PriceFinder are making it available for Free.

    These widgets can also help agents to improve conversion on their site, which will also help to increase their customer database organically.

    It was great catching up with you & yes I’ve been flat out ever since.

    I must say that it has been great to see so many agents taking action with a number of agents already winning listings with our product within their first 24 hours of hearing about it.

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