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Prospecting for Lifetime Real Estate Success

Success in selling real estate and a regular income depends on effective prospecting. (The first in a series.)

We have all experienced the up and down nature of our business where as a result of some of our marketing activity the listings come and then we are flat out handling the sales. When these circumstances occur we find that suddenly all our efforts need to lurch back into finding new listings to ensure continuity of income.

For the true Real Estate Sales Professional this situation is not a problem as they have mastered the techniques, disciplines and attitude to understand they need to operate like a business. They don’t rely on hope and luck for sales.

“I hope the phone will ring and if I am lucky I will get the listing”. This is no way to ensure a reliable income for you and your family.

If we take the example of a large business like Wesfarmers, who, when considering opening a new Bunnings warehouse worth many millions of dollars, don’t just decide on a location without spending money on a study of the areas demographics to see if the store will make a profit.

The approach in real estate is the same; you need to think like a business towards your prospecting.  You need to decide where and how you are going to operate to generate the profits you need to be the success you want to be. How effective you prospect will be in direct proportion to your prosperity and your long term viability in the business.

With regard to your prospecting I feel a good test is for you to be able to answer these three questions comprehensively.

1. Where do you operate?

2. Why do you operate there?

3. How do you operate there?

These questions need to be able to be answered if you are to have a long term career in the industry as it is only with an understanding of the importance of good effective prospecting will you build your career and guarantee your future.

In the next post I will cover what you need to consider in deciding where you will operate. In the meantime reflect on how you would answer these questions with regard to your business.

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest” ~ Warren Buffett.

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