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Greg Vincent

What’s The Future For Real Estate Agent’s Commissions in 2011?

What’s happening with real estate agent commissions?

Are you interested in gaining an insight into how other agents are dealing with the constant pressure that’s being exerted on real estate agents and their commissions?

Well! Last year, I was able to gain an amazing insight into what was happening out there in the front line with real estate agent’s commissions via a quick online survey that I conducted and shared through this Real Estate Mentors site.

Once the survey was finished my team and I compiled a detailed report called ‘The Future of Agent’s Commission 2010 Report’.

The statistical data, opinions, insights and feedback that we received from this initiative was really eye-opening.

But before I share the link to the previous report with you, I wondered if you may be able to help us gain an insight into what you are currently experiencing within your market place?

You see, over the next few weeks, we’ve opened up a similar study for agents in 2011 and we’d love to hear your side of the story.

Could you please take a couple of minutes (it’s really brief) to answer this year’s ‘The Future of Agents Commission – 2011 Questionnaire’?

From some of the data that we’ve already received, this years report looks like being even more comprehensive.

Plus this years online questionnaire is being promoted more broadly via Kevin Turner’s REUNCUT radio show PLUS other real estate trainers/coaches have also joined in to share it with their agents.

We anticipate that the report will provide an insight into where real estate commissions are heading and help us to provide real answers to what agents can do to ensure that they can not only secure more business but also retain a healthy professional fee for their service both now and into the future.

Please join in and have your say by clicking here now.

NOTE: Those agents who contribute to the Questionnaire will receive ‘Exclusive’ access to the full report prior to its official release.

Please take a few moments and help with this important real estate industry initiative by Clicking Here Now.

Thanking You in Advance.

Warm regards

Greg Vincent

PS: Here’s the link to last year’s Future of Agent’s Commission – 2010 Report.

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Greg Vincent

Real Estate Agents: Who says size doesn’t matter?

The real estate industry has become more and more mobile over the past few years and now with technology growing at a break-neck speed the ability to do a whole lot more out in the field is now taking place in the palm of your hand.

Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Technology

We are starting to see lots of emerging iPhone & iPad Apps PLUS applications suitable for other mobile devices are also being developed, but 2 of the big players Dell & Apple have just released their latest TV Commercials and it would appear that in the tablet space there’s plenty of focus around whether size does matter or not?

Dell have just released their handheld tablet the Dell Streak which is also a lot more affordable then Apple iPad.

Here’s the Dell Streak TV AD

Whereas the Apple iPad, whilst being a larger device and more expensive, I believe that the huge resource of Applications and the size of the display screen makes it much more practical for real estate agents, especially when doing a listing presentation.

Here’s the latest Apple iPad TV Ad

I also think that Open Home visitors will feel more comfortable entering their details into a larger device like the Apple iPad than something that looks like a large phone or a Sony PSP. (for the moment anyway).

Outside of the practical applications for real estate agents the new Dell Streak looks like it could be another interesting play maker in the mobile/portable technology sector. What do you think?

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Greg Vincent

Single Property Websites by featured on REUNCUT radio show


This week Kevin Turner from REUNCUT – a daily real estate radio show for real estate professionals featured our product – where a HOME gets a WEBSITE of its OWN.

Kevin promoted the product as…

“a Sure-Fire Way to Win Sellers.”


The promotion of our Single Property Websites product occurred in yesterday’s show and if you’d like to hear the recording within the context of the whole show you can click on this link & play the show featured on Thursday 14/10/2010.

Or alternatively, click the play button below to listen to what Kevin had to say about our Single Property Websites product…

Single Property Websites by featured on REUNCUT by Greg Vincent

If you’d like to find out a bit more about how you can create Single Property Websites via don’t hesitate to contact us here or call 1300 780 869.

PS: You may also be interested to check out this recent case study about v’s

Disclaimer: Kevin Turner is a great friend of mine, a fellow contributor for Real Estate Mentors and I appear regularly as a technology commentator on the REUNCUT radio show. Be that as it may, this recording done by Kevin was totally unsolicited and came as a complete surprise to me.

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Greg Vincent

Automated Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Today I conducted a Personalised Real Estate Marketing Consultation for an agent who is already doing some really good things over the internet.

Throughout the consultation the agent kept saying how blown away they were by how much I could tell about his real estate business just by looking at it over the internet.

This Principal now has a Go Forward Plan and was amazed at how much more they could be doing simply by tweaking a few things and implementing an effective Social Media strategy.Real-Estate-Breakthrough

Recently, I caught up with a friend of mine, Barry Liddle to discuss how agents could fine tune their marketing to help generate more leads and use automation more effectively.

We talked about some of the effective online marketing strategies that he has developed for agents PLUS he interviewed me about ‘How To Avoid The Top 10 Mistakes Agents Are Making Using Social Media.’ The response to this video interview has been simply amazing.

For those agents who weren’t able to attend the Webinar it has been recorded and has now been made available for FREE to view as part of Barry’s ‘exclusive’ Underground Real Estate Breakthrough series.

This is one of the most extensive interviews I have ever conducted where I share some of the tools that I currently use to streamline and automate my own Social Media marketing strategies. And now you can too.

Make sure that you check it out by Clicking Here Right Now.

There are lots of agents who are now benefiting from using Automation to help them free up their time, make them more dollar productive AND increasing their market share at the same time.

If earning more income and/or enjoying a more balanced real estate career is something that interests you then you may want to check out Barry’s Real Estate Breakthrough series. His automated lead generation systems are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

To see Barry’s FREE video series and our BONUS video interview about ‘How To Avoid The Top 10 Mistakes Agents Are Making Using Social Media.’…Click Here Now

Tie the Real Estate Breakthrough series in with some of the automated Social Media strategies that I’ve been sharing with agents and you’ll discover a whole new way that you can use both your current marketing and the internet so effectively that business just flows in for you and ultimately helps you to dominate your marketplace.

PS: As part of the Real Estate Breakthrough series, Barry also has a special event coming up where he has asked me to share a whole lot more of my Social Media secrets.

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Tom Caraccio

Dan Kennedy & Straight Shooting Sales Both Agree… “We are at the beginning of a New Economy”

The way Real Estate Agents sell their services has changed…Forever!

Those of you that know me and get my monthly Straight Shooting Sales Report would know that lately I have been talking about this new economy topic a lot.

The reason I have been talking about it so much is because this new economy has changed the way business happens. And if you don’t understand how it has changed, or what it means to you then you are destined to struggle soon if you haven’t already noticed a change. This whole new economy was one of the driving forces for us to launch the Rainmakers Inner Circle Coaching Membership, because YOU need a place to plug into for continual business and personal growth and success if you haven’t heard of it yet check it out here

But this post is not about that.

Recently I was reading Dan Kennedy’s new book, “Sales Success in the New Economy” and I came across a page of information that aligned with a lot of things I had been thinking about lately. Dan’s new book talks about the emerging new economy as it directly affects sales professionals.

Here are the new realities… my take are in italics.

  • All the power has returned to the customer/client and he or she knows they have it.

Information is at your customers fingertips. They search before they call. It’s not like it used to be, where they call the biggest or the best company. They know they live in a free market that is open to competition. Plus most markets compete on price not value.

  • The customer’s tolerance for anything ordinary – ordinary products, services, expertise, experiences, for the banal and commonplace, and certainly for incompetence – is zero.

Sad but true, you don’t need to agree with this but you do need to see it for what it is and understand it. You need to think experience, wow, exclusive, appreciation. People want to be cared for.

  • Money will be spent more judiciously, so it will be available only to sales professionals with a much higher level of knowledge, skill, preparation, discipline, and sophistication. A more cautious consumer, striving to be sensible and responsible, will be judging you and trying to determine if you are worthy of his/her trust before he/she buys from you. You will be under greater scrutiny.

Selling is finally becoming a profession. It will be institutionalised and will stop the dreamers wanting to enter it. The person who learns the psychology behind why people buy and studies human behaviour and sales and persuasion will be the sales super star of tomorrow.

  • You must genuinely earn your right to your customers’ interest and support by providing well-matched, specialised, even customised product, service, and value propositions. People now have the opportunity, power, and awareness to demand what is specifically for them and precisely matched to their needs, interests, and desires. They are not going to be on buying sprees, buying whatever is in your wagon that you want to sell.

You could sum this up nicely by saying just this…”You have to get better as a person, better as a professional and better in all areas of your business”

This is all happening right now… With all the advances in technology, the pace of business has changed. How your clients make their buying decisions has changed. How they choose their real estate agent has changed. Information is readily available to them that they armed to the teeth before they even start speaking to an agent.

Add to this the stereotype that real estate agents are untrustworthy, (remember you are right down the bottom above used car sales people), that it’s almost an uphill battle before you start.

Times have changed. You have to earn the right to be their agent; you need to build your credibility and authority, which will earn their trust. Once you have systems in place that can create this for you, you will never worry about losing business to others because you are protecting what is yours. But if you keep doing things the old way, you will be subject to auditioning for listings with 3 or more other agents,  usually resulting in fee discounting to win business.

I’m talking strategy here, a formula that needs to be followed so you deliver high quality “wow” service to all your clients. Starting at lead generation where the relationship begins right through to lead conversion and lifetime referrals. This is the mantra of the New Economy Sales Super Star. This is the way of the future, an honest, authentic and specialised approach to building relationships, therefore building your business.

NOTE: I’m not meant to promote on here but I’m passionate about this and I truly believe this will help anyone wanting to know more about Selling in The New Economy…I have a CD which has 8 principles to building your real estate career, which covers 8 strategies for building relationships the right way, plus simple, cost effective ideas to boost your listings every month. You can get a copy for free and I will even pay the postage check it out here…