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Greg Vincent

Single Property Websites by featured on REUNCUT radio show


This week Kevin Turner from REUNCUT – a daily real estate radio show for real estate professionals featured our product – where a HOME gets a WEBSITE of its OWN.

Kevin promoted the product as…

“a Sure-Fire Way to Win Sellers.”


The promotion of our Single Property Websites product occurred in yesterday’s show and if you’d like to hear the recording within the context of the whole show you can click on this link & play the show featured on Thursday 14/10/2010.

Or alternatively, click the play button below to listen to what Kevin had to say about our Single Property Websites product…

Single Property Websites by featured on REUNCUT by Greg Vincent

If you’d like to find out a bit more about how you can create Single Property Websites via don’t hesitate to contact us here or call 1300 780 869.

PS: You may also be interested to check out this recent case study about v’s

Disclaimer: Kevin Turner is a great friend of mine, a fellow contributor for Real Estate Mentors and I appear regularly as a technology commentator on the REUNCUT radio show. Be that as it may, this recording done by Kevin was totally unsolicited and came as a complete surprise to me.

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Greg Vincent

‘New’ Australian Real Estate Widgets Launched

Yesterday, I was speaking at the Brisbane session of ‘A Morning with Australia and New Zealand’s Top Agents’ when it was announced that PriceFinder have just launched a new offering to agents.

Taking inspiration from the success of Zillow and Trulia’s ‘cool’ web site widgets, PriceFinder has released its own range of agent website tools for Australia.

Widgets are an easy way to enhance your own website, increasing traffic and generating leads.

According to Kent Lardner, Chief Operating Officer of PriceFinder;

“Your web site visitors can now search for recent sales that match their property as well as view sales and growth charts for free. We have several new widgets now available as well as banners to enhance both the look and the functionality of a real estate agency website”

Click Here to see these new widgets.

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Greg Vincent

A Quick Test For Your Real Estate Website

To test if your website is working for you or not you should do an honest assessment of your website conversion & the biggest test for conversion on a real estate agent’s website should be based on how many people actually opt in to receive more information via the agent’s website.

To get a better idea of how well your website is converting, each week you should compare the number of online subscribers you receive against the number of visits the site had that week.


Plus, here’s 5 things to check for on your real estate website.

1. How many newsletter and/or property alert subscribers do you get automatically from your website each week? (automatically means they type the info in, not you)

2. Do you have an RSS Feed option on your site?

3. Do you use Tell a Friend style marketing?

4. Are there icons or links that make it easy for someone to share your website content with their friends on sites like twitter, Facebook & other bookmarking sites?

5. Excluding tenancy applications, how many of your website visitors actually fill out a form to book an inspection or request an appraisal on your website?

Direct phone or email enquiry from an agent’s company website would probably amount to about 95% of the actual conversion on a real estate agent website.

Whilst I understand that phone & email enquiry is critical to the survival of your business, it can also be the most time consuming.

If you can compliment your over the phone & email enquiry with an automatic, ongoing conversion of pipeline customers via your company website then you’ll be destined towards achieving huge success.

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Greg Vincent

Tips For Converting More Website Visitors Into Customers

If you’re looking to generate more business over the internet, Website Conversion is one of the 2 critical components that will determine the level of online success that you can achieve.

The 2 Critical Components are:-

1. Generate Traffic
2. Website Conversion

When it comes to generating traffic, I can show you lots of ways that you can generate consistent free traffic to your website.

But if you want real results from the internet, it’s important to understand that if your website doesn’t convert very well then all you’d have is traffic passing through your site.


Conversion is about engaging & connecting with your customers in such a way that they want to either contact you to do business with you straight away or they want to subscribe to your information.

Getting your Website Conversion right is extremely important to your real estate business.

I cringe when I see some agents wasting thousands of dollars on those expensive banner advertisements on the major portals & the traffic gets wasted on a non-converting website.

Now, on the other hand you could have the greatest converting website in the world, but if you don’t have traffic then you also have no customers.

Can you see that Traffic & Conversion go hand in hand?

To help you achieve greater website conversion, here are 3 things you can do to make sure that you’ve optimized your company website.

1. Use good sales copy
2. Have different landing pages (eg.subscription, request appraisal)
3. Include effective calls to action.

Also, on each page on your website, think about what the main goal that you hope to achieve is & optimise each page to ensure that it converts in accordance with that goal.

Here are some Conversion Goals agents should focus on (in no particular order)

• Newsletter Subscription
• Property Alert Subscription
• RSS Feed Subscription
• Tell a friend
• Bookmark/Share your site
• Book an inspection
• Request an Appraisal
• Contact you or your office

The better your site converts the bigger your database will become. Then, if you market to it effectively you will have new business constantly flowing into your agency, without the need to do expensive marketing campaigns.

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