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Real Estate Agents: Who says size doesn’t matter?

The real estate industry has become more and more mobile over the past few years and now with technology growing at a break-neck speed the ability to do a whole lot more out in the field is now taking place in the palm of your hand.

Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Technology

We are starting to see lots of emerging iPhone & iPad Apps PLUS applications suitable for other mobile devices are also being developed, but 2 of the big players Dell & Apple have just released their latest TV Commercials and it would appear that in the tablet space there’s plenty of focus around whether size does matter or not?

Dell have just released their handheld tablet the Dell Streak which is also a lot more affordable then Apple iPad.

Here’s the Dell Streak TV AD

Whereas the Apple iPad, whilst being a larger device and more expensive, I believe that the huge resource of Applications and the size of the display screen makes it much more practical for real estate agents, especially when doing a listing presentation.

Here’s the latest Apple iPad TV Ad

I also think that Open Home visitors will feel more comfortable entering their details into a larger device like the Apple iPad than something that looks like a large phone or a Sony PSP. (for the moment anyway).

Outside of the practical applications for real estate agents the new Dell Streak looks like it could be another interesting play maker in the mobile/portable technology sector. What do you think?

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Greg Vincent

Agent Horrified About Stuff Up!!! Where Is Our Data Going?

This is the question that an agent posed to me earlier today after yet another stuff up by the big boys.

I was speaking at an event yesterday where one of the agents mentioned the CommBank Property Guide iPhone App and the significant amount of data that was now being made available via and RPData.

As the discussion went on, one of the agents logged on and started searching through the Comm Bank’s app. Only by fluke, another agent suggested they take a look at one of his latest listings which is going up for Auction.

The listing agent was absolutely horrified to see that the property which was uploaded onto as an auction now appeared on Comm Bank’s app with an asking price displayed.

The price that was displayed on the Comm Bank app was the same price that the agent had inserted under the search price field.

Any pricing entered within the search price field has always been a hidden price whether a property goes up for auction or whether it has an asking price. These prices have never been for public viewing, or at least until now.

I was blown away when the agent showed me the listing in question on the Commbank site. I couldn’t believe that something so fundamental and basic could be breached.

I followed up with the agent again today. To REA’s credit the pricing issue for that listing has now been rectified but in typical fashion the agent was told that it’s not their fault the issue seemed to be from CommBank’s side? So who’s fault is it really?

Agents don’t have an agreement with CommBank’s Property Guide app, they have an agreement with REA Group.

Under the circumstances, should agents have the option to not make listings, etc available to Comm Bank’s app?

Is this only an isolated case? Has it happened to others? Will it happen again? Can REA Group and Comm Bank guarantee that no such issue will ever happen again?

Can you imagine what would have happened if the vendor had seen it? Who knows whether a buyer has seen it or not? Does this mean that agents have to check every listing on every site that their data is being uploaded to?

NOTE: Out of respect for the agent and the vendor trying to sell their property I have deliberately left out the specific details of the price, property, area, agent, etc because sharing that information could have a detrimental impact on the result of the property auction.

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