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Greg Vincent

My tip for the Big Race is…

When picking the winner in the Melbourne Cup, you’ve only got a field of 24 horses to choose from, whereas when a Property Seller is trying to Pick Out an Agent, they now have a whole lot more choice than that…

…and whether you like it or not, the internet and Social Media has now changed our real estate industry forever!

You see, as my great friend Tom Panos said yesterday on Twitter…
“Internet and social media means customers know as much about your business as your employees. You simply can’t fake it. Its so fair now.”

Nowadays the web has become like the Seller’s Online Form Guide for ‘Picking the Winner’ amongst Real Estate Agents…

So how can you increase the odds that you’re THE AGENT selected?

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Real Estate is Your BIG Race and…

…all you really need to do to win the Real Estate BIG Race is BE THE AGENT who gets called-in to more appraisals.

My tip for the BIG Race is ‘Back-Yourself’


You CAN become the winner you always knew deep down in your heart that you could be (and to achieve it is really simple once you know how)…

To find out how, make sure to tune-in on this High-Impact, ‘LIVE’45 Minute Session that could Change Your Real Estate Results Forever…
…as I open the gates to sharing ‘The 7 Key Accelerators – Guaranteed To Get You Called-In To Lots More Listings’ — AUTOMATICALLY!!! –

Wishing you all the best in Your BIG Race

Here’s to Your Fast-Track Success

Warm Regards

Greg Vincent

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Discovering How To Get-Called In and be the first agent past the post at Lots More Listing Presentations will definitely have a MASSIVE impact on your real estate career in 2013 and beyond.

I look forward to catching up with you on Thursday’s FREE webinar.

PPS: Always ‘Back Yourself’. It’s the best bet you will ever place!!!



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Dane Atherton

Start Your Year On Fire!

Ignite11 promises to be the years premier one day sales event, bringing you a ‘never before assembled’ line up of Australia’s real estate superstars.

A must attend for Sales Agents, Principals, PA’s, Buyers Agents and Team Support Members, you will be inspired and informed by the strategies, tools and mindsets of the country’s best.

Leading agents and coaches’ will share how to:

- ‘lift the lid’ on conventional real estate thinking!
- create a plan for MASSIVE results
- master social media
- become a ‘listing magnet’
- develop processes and systems that work
- become a top listing generator of the elite
- develop dominant profile
- maximise and manage your energy
- sell with purpose and passion

Visit the website below to see the lineup in your city…

Michael Sheargold is one of the most in-demand real estate coaches in Australia. Widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading authorities on creating outstanding results in business and in life, Michael is a highly sought-after and experienced speaker, media talent and coach to high achievers in almost every field. Over the past 17 years Michael has conducted more than 5,000 coaching sessions – making him one of the most experienced coaches in the world today.

John McGrath is considered one of the most influential figures in the Australian property industry, with his company fast becoming Australia’s biggest property services group. John ranks amongst the country’s most in-demand platform speakers and speaks extensively on peak performance strategies and the maximising of success. John is the founder of AREC and few have had a bigger impact on Australian Real Estate.

Greg Vincent – If you’re not using social media to build your profile, it’s time to start – and social media guru Greg Vincent will show you how! Make sense of social media and learn how to develop and maintain relationships with your clients. Having been a successful real estate agent for over 20 years, running multiple agencies, Greg Vincent has now become one of the most respected Online Real Estate Marketing Experts/Speakers within the real estate industry.

Cathy Richards is recognised as one of the leading agents within her core locale of suburbs in Brisbane’s East. This can be attributed to Cathy’s diligence, commitment to client service on both sides of the real estate transaction, understanding and empathy towards the ‘human’ side of her business and her unique initiatives towards client events to assist in community schemes. Cathy’s results have been nothing short of amazing – in her third year Cathy has written just shy of $1 million in GCI! Cathy will share her amazing story!

Dane Atherton is the Founder and Director of Ignite. He is passionate about impacting on the productivity of real estate sales professionals, a goal that has seen him create one of the country’s most successful real estate coaching businesses. Dane has been personally involved in over 6000 property auctions since joining the industry in 1998. Dane has also been awarded the 2004 Queensland Auctioneer of the Year Award and has previously been invited to speak at the Australasian Real Estate Conference. Dane will attempt to change the way you think about real estate.

James Redferm is one of Australia’s few multi-million dollar real estate superstar. He has more than 22 years of experience in selling real estate both in Australia and overseas, James has acquired the skills to successfully and confidently operate in every type of real estate climate. He is passionate about selling property and the auction system and strives to give outstanding personal service. Never one to be complacent, James is renowned as one of the most innovative industry professionals. His proactive marketing approach, that has kept him at the forefront of the industry, was recognised when James was awarded the ARER Marketing Agent of the Year Award in 2007.

Madeline Kennedy devotes to her work exactly the type of professionalism required by today’s real estate market. At the 2008 ARER Network Australasian awards, Madeline was honoured to receive the Results Award for Excellence. She was also a Finalist for the Rising Star of the Year award. Possessing high levels of market knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm, she represents the new breed of estate agents who are committed to on-going training and development in the interests of being able to deliver client service and results that remain ahead of the game. Her great record of referral business reflects the success of her approach.

Heath Williams is fast becoming a dominant mover and shaker in the Brisbane market. Heath’s career highlights include wining back to back Real Estate Results Awards in 2009 for Rising Star of the Year and in 2010 for Marketing Campaign of the Year. Heath has had a phenomenal 2010 with record breaking results including some extremely high profile riverfront sales.

Paul Curtain – Managing Director of Place Estate Agents has the immeasurable job of managing, mentoring, training and coaching vast sales teams at each of the Place establishments. This has been a major driving force to the success of the Place operation. Throughout Paul’s real estate career of over 10 years he has had many notable achievements including a winner for the REIQ Auctioneer of the Year. In 2010, Paul has been engaged by the REIQ as a member of the board. Paul has an original mind for business and an energetic passion, imagination and implementation attitude for innovation in real estate on a daily basis.

Robert Dolan has been consistently been his company’s highest performing sales person over the last decade. A huge proportion of Robert’s business is generated by referrals and repeat business. As testament to his commitment, In 2007 and 2008, Robert travelled abroad to further his real estate study. In 2010 we was awarded the the RERA Outstanding Acheivement of the Year.

Phil Harris – As Managing Director of Harris Real Estate, Phil combines an outstanding career in sales and auctioneering with sound business sense and a passion and vision for higher standards within the industry. Phil himself is the most recognised and awarded real estate professional in South Australia and the only person to have ever won both the REI South Australian Salesperson of the Year and the Golden Gavel Auctioneering Championships. A much-requested real estate speaker worldwide, Phil is highly regarded as an industry role model and leader in his field.

James Curtain is in a position to offer Place clients a combination of market knowledge, communication, marketing & negotiating skills along with an outstanding professional attitude. With an understanding of design and construction, James can ensure properties are positioned and presented strategically resulting in maximum SOLD prices. With 14 years senior management experience in executing and marketing local and national events, it’s no wonder James secured $10 million worth of sales in his first five months of real estate. James focus is to painlessly bridge the needs of both buyers and sellers, he will control, not courier home negotiations. In 2010 James’ GCI was $1.3 million.

Mark Earle is renowned for his unwavering commitment and his unyielding motivation to succeed. Headhunted into real-estate at an early age, Mark’s desire to lead the way in his chosen profession is clear…he has been in the business for 14 years most of which has been spent as one of Victoria’s top estate agents. As an industry expert Mark has spoken Australia wide on his success as a business owner and salesperson.


Brisbane – Feb 9

Sydney – Feb 28

Perth – Mar 1

Adelaide – Mar 3

Melbourne – Mar 15

Tickets only $395 inc. GST

“Just one idea from Ignite could transform your business in 2011″

Visit the website below to view your lineup in your city…

For more information or to book online go to or phone 0412 182 582

James Redferm is one of Australia’s few multi-million dollar real estate superstar. He has more than 22 years of experience in selling real estate both in Australia and overseas, James has acquired the skills to successfully and confidently operate in every type of real estate climate. He is passionate about selling property and the auction system and strives to give outstanding personal service. Never one to be complacent, James is renowned as one of the most innovative industry professionals. His proactive marketing approach, that has kept him at the forefront of the industry, was recognised when James was awarded the ARER Marketing Agent of the Year Award in 2007.

Kevin Turner

REUNCUT is a Free Daily Real Estate Show For Real Estate Professionals

REUNCUT – – is a free daily update for agents that is packed with advice on new marketing trends and general tips on building a better and stronger business ……. and yes its FREE every day.

If you’re an agent and not currently tuning in I thought the Real Estate Mentors readers might like to watch a snapshot of some of what you might expect from our daily show.

(If you’re experiencing difficulty viewing this video click here)

This week we’ve just had John McGrath on as a Guest Mentor and he shared some terrific insights for agents who really want to succeed. We also had Robert Bevan talking on effective focus groups and lots more great interviews.

Each weekday, REUNCUT, features some fast facts from Robert Bevan as well as some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading trainers about what they are seeing and saying about the market, tips on running sales meetings that fit today’s market and loads more – all that packed into a fast paced 5 minute capsule.  All this delivered FREE to your desktop, iPod or mobile device through iTunes.

On top of all this we are currently running a competition which could mean that you and a friend could both win an iPAD.

To find out more about REUNCUT and how you could win an iPad… Click Here Now

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Greg Vincent

Why Agents Should Create A ‘Private’ Company Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing tools that a real estate agent can use, and yet it’s surprising to see that there are still only a very small percentage of real estate agents actually using Twitter.

There are lots of ways that Twitter  can help you in the day-to-day running of a real estate agency, but one way is by creating a Private Twitter account.

And the great news is that establishing a ‘Private’ Twitter account takes only a couple of minutes to create & it’s Free.

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows you & your team to post messages up onto the web in real time but with a ‘Private’ account you can decide who sees your tweets.

Rather than sending out a bulk text message to your team, you could send out a Tweet that is broadcast out to anyone who has access to your Private Twitter account.

It could become an important part of your messaging system. You can also upload photos or videos and tweet them privately through the account to any member of your team.


You could also use it for a secured Brain Storming session where you can have people tweeting their thoughts or ideas in real time and all the data from this collection of thoughts remains up their on your ‘Private’ Twitter account to recall whenever you need it.

It will also provide a way that people can tweet their thoughts & ideas well after the Brain Storming session.

All you need to do is decide on a name for the Brain Storming session, say VPAtips. Then insert a #hashtag in front of the tweets, to make them #VPAtips & then all of your tweets will be grouped together & can be found very easily on Twitter in the future.

To give you an example of how a ‘Private’ Twitter account works I currently run a couple of ‘Private’ Twitter accounts.

One for the attendees of my Workshops/Seminars & the other one is an account based around a marketing strategy that I’ve developed called ‘The Area Monopoly Strategy’.

As a part of launching this concept I decided to create a ‘Private & Strictly Real Estate Agent Only’ Twitter account.

I did this because there are some parts of this strategy that I needed to be able to share with agents exclusively & weren’t for public viewing.

Now, if you are an agent & you’d like to join in then you are most welcome to send through a request for access. This is just a live example of how one of these ‘Private’ Twitter accounts works for me.

Here’s how it works.

To join in go to and send me a request as seen in the picture below. Then once I’ve confirmed that you’re a real estate agent I’ll manually go in & authorise your access to the account.

Area Monopoly - Twitter Account

Note: To see the Send Request button in the image above you must be logged into your Twitter account.

Now if you don’t have a Twitter account, then this may provide you with a good excuse for why you should go to & register your Free Twitter account right now.

Once I have approved your request you don’t have to wait for me to send a Tweet. You will be able to go in & read all the previous Tweets that have been sent out via that ‘Private’ Area Monopoly Twitter Account.

I recommend you go into Twitter & set up a ‘Private’ account for your company & give it a go. You’ll be amazed at how simple & effective it can be.

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Greg Vincent

The Password To Help You Achieve Your Goals

I don’t know if you find the same thing, but nowadays, we seem to have so many logins & passwords that we have to remember, so to help you, here’s a simple concept that can not only help you to remember your passwords but it can help you to achieve your goals at the same time.

Everyday there seems to be one time or another where we need to provide a password or PIN number to gain access to an account, chat with friends on Facebook or even hire a video.

Remembering these passwords can sometimes drive you crazy & can become very frustrating.

Over the past few years I’ve found a simple way that I can choose a password that is easy to remember & it’s helped me to succeed at the same time.

Here’s a video explaining the simple concept…

As an example of how this could work for you: Let’s say that you’re planning an overseas holiday to Fiji & you wanted to go in say February next year, then using this strategy you could create passwords like fiji0210 or fiji1002 to help you stay on track.

Most success trainers will agree that goals must have a deadline attached to them & short term goals should be reviewed daily.

Key To Success

Whatever you set as your goal, this simple strategy will provide you with a daily reminder of your goal & it will help you to stay on track.

3 Simple Goal Setting Steps
1. Establish a short term goal & write it down.
2. Set a deadline for achieving the goal.
3. Create a password to constantly remind you of your goal.

I know this works & I hope it helps you to achieve your goals too.

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