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Terri Cooper

How To Stop ‘Wheel-Spinning’ In Real Estate

Spinning wheels and being consumed by “busy-work” costs you time – and money! The times you can spin out of control and lose the plot, are when your focus and your vision becomes too wide.

You tend think globally, you worry and stew about the listings you could have and should have got, the clients you should have serviced better and those you should have kept in touch with.

You drive to work and see all the other agent’s “for sale” signs, see the media advertisements that other agents have, and you can begin to lose confidence, feel inadequate and “less than”.

You beat yourself up and totally lose your focus. The “should” word takes over in a demoralizing way and your results start to suffer!


What to do when this happens?

Sometimes, the only way to get back on track at these times is to narrow your vision and focus only on the next thing.

Ask yourself – “Which is my next sale? Who is my hottest buyer? What can I find for them? Where is my next listing coming from? Who have I forgotten to ring?”

This is the time to stop, take time out and do what I call a “mind dump” , otherwise you can begin to spin wheels and feel burn-out coming on at a rapid rate! A mind-dump is a simple thing to do:

  • Sit somewhere quiet if possible with a blank sheet of paper.
  • Without stopping to analyse, just dump out on the paper all the tasks you think you have to do this day.
  • On another sheet, dump all the thoughts you are having about doing these tasks.
  • Then, go back to the first sheet and begin to read through slowly, prioritizing the tasks.
  • Then make a “to do” list with the top three priority tasks from the page.
  • Complete these tasks and repeat the process.
  • Take a break – then come back fresh and ready to go!

This technique was is identical to the one which transformed business for the multi-millionaire Charles Schwab when he used it to turn around fortunes of his steel company – incredibly simple but worth a $25,000 consultancy fee!

Why not model those individuals who have already achieved the levels of success we dream about?