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Greg Vincent

The Password To Help You Achieve Your Goals

I don’t know if you find the same thing, but nowadays, we seem to have so many logins & passwords that we have to remember, so to help you, here’s a simple concept that can not only help you to remember your passwords but it can help you to achieve your goals at the same time.

Everyday there seems to be one time or another where we need to provide a password or PIN number to gain access to an account, chat with friends on Facebook or even hire a video.

Remembering these passwords can sometimes drive you crazy & can become very frustrating.

Over the past few years I’ve found a simple way that I can choose a password that is easy to remember & it’s helped me to succeed at the same time.

Here’s a video explaining the simple concept…

As an example of how this could work for you: Let’s say that you’re planning an overseas holiday to Fiji & you wanted to go in say February next year, then using this strategy you could create passwords like fiji0210 or fiji1002 to help you stay on track.

Most success trainers will agree that goals must have a deadline attached to them & short term goals should be reviewed daily.

Key To Success

Whatever you set as your goal, this simple strategy will provide you with a daily reminder of your goal & it will help you to stay on track.

3 Simple Goal Setting Steps
1. Establish a short term goal & write it down.
2. Set a deadline for achieving the goal.
3. Create a password to constantly remind you of your goal.

I know this works & I hope it helps you to achieve your goals too.

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