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Greg Vincent

Automated Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Today I conducted a Personalised Real Estate Marketing Consultation for an agent who is already doing some really good things over the internet.

Throughout the consultation the agent kept saying how blown away they were by how much I could tell about his real estate business just by looking at it over the internet.

This Principal now has a Go Forward Plan and was amazed at how much more they could be doing simply by tweaking a few things and implementing an effective Social Media strategy.Real-Estate-Breakthrough

Recently, I caught up with a friend of mine, Barry Liddle to discuss how agents could fine tune their marketing to help generate more leads and use automation more effectively.

We talked about some of the effective online marketing strategies that he has developed for agents PLUS he interviewed me about ‘How To Avoid The Top 10 Mistakes Agents Are Making Using Social Media.’ The response to this video interview has been simply amazing.

For those agents who weren’t able to attend the Webinar it has been recorded and has now been made available for FREE to view as part of Barry’s ‘exclusive’ Underground Real Estate Breakthrough series.

This is one of the most extensive interviews I have ever conducted where I share some of the tools that I currently use to streamline and automate my own Social Media marketing strategies. And now you can too.

Make sure that you check it out by Clicking Here Right Now.

There are lots of agents who are now benefiting from using Automation to help them free up their time, make them more dollar productive AND increasing their market share at the same time.

If earning more income and/or enjoying a more balanced real estate career is something that interests you then you may want to check out Barry’s Real Estate Breakthrough series. His automated lead generation systems are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

To see Barry’s FREE video series and our BONUS video interview about ‘How To Avoid The Top 10 Mistakes Agents Are Making Using Social Media.’…Click Here Now

Tie the Real Estate Breakthrough series in with some of the automated Social Media strategies that I’ve been sharing with agents and you’ll discover a whole new way that you can use both your current marketing and the internet so effectively that business just flows in for you and ultimately helps you to dominate your marketplace.

PS: As part of the Real Estate Breakthrough series, Barry also has a special event coming up where he has asked me to share a whole lot more of my Social Media secrets.

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