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Glenn Twiddle

How to Sell or List a Property every DAY by Some One Who’s Doing It

A note from Glenn Twiddle

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Real Estate Training Tips – Chris Gilmour

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Rarely have I seen someone come along like Chris. Maybe twice.

And even rarer (ie never) have I had one of my serious hitters, someone who has had six figure MONTHS, offer to share, for an entire day, every secret they have, no holds barred, for such a low investment.

In fact, if he charged $3000, just half of one commission, it would be a bargain, but at the low price he’s offering to do this for, and with a double your money back guarantee, well suffice to say, if you’re not coming, you’re lfat out insane.

A guy who earned $135,000 in his first year and took that to $880,000 in his second, and in his third year, is on track to hit a million, well he DESERVES, no COMMANDS, your (and my) attention.

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Glenn Twiddle

Glenn Twiddle’s War on the Slower Real Estate Market

‘Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War’


Ok, the theme for this is a bit daggy I know, but hey I had fun designing the marketing and at least 50% of the marketing I do is for my own amusement, haha. Anyway, I wanted to invite you to this event as a reader of this awesome blog, and Greg gave me some stick on Facebook the other day, and as his apology, he let me shamelessly plug this great event I’m putting on for agents.

Here’s the copy….

Hi Team,

I’m here to tell you, you won’t find comfort hiding in your ‘bomb shelter’ when this tight market really hits. It’s pointless and ridiculous to expect to thrive and make great sales careers without new tools in your toolbox in what is a radically new market that some agents are ‘Ill-prepared’ for.

I have responded by preparing what is arguable my best half day training I have ever put together, and I’m joined by a very, very special guest.

There won’t be any mindset training today. This special guest is pure selling skills. In the USA there is a ‘round table’ for excellence in selling in his field and the top 1% are invited to join this round table.

Well, this guy is in the top 1% of the top 1% so suffice to say, ‘He’s a gun !!’

Now I trust you all know the quality of the training we have endeavoured to bring you over the years. Well this day will arguably be the best we’ve ever presented.

And the fact is, I understand many of you are hurting right now. Kevin Turner’s stats that he predicted are coming true as we speak as more than half of the industry leaves because sales are too tough.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way….

Our guest at this ‘Call to Arms’ has already said that this is the greatest opportunity we have seen in real estate since the boom in early 2000’s and he’ll spend the morning telling you why this is so, and how you can capitalise on this opportunity.

If you’ve never been to a QREAS event before, make sure you click on the ‘What You’ve Said’ link above and see for yourself the quality of the training that QREAS provides, and at the cost we are putting this event on for, there is absolutely no excuse for you not to attend, and subsequently thrive, in this changing market.

You used to have two excuses for struggling in this market…

Ignorance and Laziness

With the ridiculous cost of this summit, you now can no longer use excuse number 1 – so sign up, and join the bootcamp. See you there soldier….

Go to to ‘Take Up Arms.’

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Keith Barrot

Effective Prospecting

How do you operate where you do?  (Fourth and final in a series).

As mentioned in my first article on effective prospecting the goal of continuing success and income in real estate will only come from a well planned approach to your marketing. Remember, how effective you carry out your prospecting will be in direct proportion to your prosperity and your long term viability in selling real estate.

Once you have decided on the important aspects of prospecting e.g. where you are going to operate and why you will target a particular area, the next step is to plan how you will obtain the business.

Marketing by real estate agents over the years has been consistent in its style and type and although it seems bland at times all marketing can be effective. The major goal for your prospecting is to be contacted by anyone in your market area who is thinking of selling or seeking real estate information. Quite often agents operate with the blinkers on and seem only interested in prospects that are looking to sell immediately and fail to recognise that all contacts made can one day become clients. All contacts are good contacts if handled and recorded properly.

This can only be achieved if your prospecting is one that builds relationships with all the property owners in your area. You should make sure that every one you come into contact with is entered into a database. Today agents should understand and use a database as it will make the job of contact and follow up so much more effective. It is essential however your database does not just become a mailing list, there is a big difference. Through a database all past appraisals, anniversaries, market updates, and call schedules for example can be programmed so no one is forgotten. You spend a lot of time getting leads and contacts to just let them pass by if they don’t want to sell at the time of contact is a waste of your time and effort. A database will not in itself guarantee success; other forms of activity will be required to maintain your presence in the area to ensure you are top of mind when owners decide to call an agent.

Naturally one consideration that needs to be made is how much you should spend on your marketing. Whatever you decide make sure it is programmed for at least twelve months in advance and is done regularly regardless of market conditions. One can always tell when the market is slow as flyers and the like will appear in the letterbox and our inbox from agents you have never heard of or only from them when the market goes quiet. As I mentioned promotions vary in style and quality so it is important that you develop your brand and stick to it. Only by being consistent in your contacts with prospects will you be remembered.

The monitoring of your marketing efforts will ensure that what you are doing is effective. The question should always be asked of the contact to where they heard about you, and this needs to be recorded. From this information a pattern will develop to help you assess the effectiveness or otherwise of your investment. You need to see yourself as a business and future planning has to be based on all the information you can gather. In your day to day operation as an agent you need to ensure the funds you invest in your promotion are delivering the returns you want.

Being on the look out for new ideas and ways of marketing is a good way to develop your brand and if done effectively will differentiate you from your competition. Social media and other forms of technology available today (and in the future) can also improve your marketing effort. They should also be considered as a means of your promotion and communicating with clients and prospects.

It is important to make the time available in developing your prospecting plans and if required seek outside assistance, ask others, attend seminars, buy a book or CD on marketing. Ideas are every where both inside and outside the real estate industry if you take the time to look. Effective, planned prospecting is not difficult, what is difficult is taking the steps to apply the time and recources to develop your brand and the commitment to looking at your future in the long term.

Keith Barrot

Prospecting for Lifetime Real Estate Success

Success in selling real estate and a regular income depends on effective prospecting. (The first in a series.)

We have all experienced the up and down nature of our business where as a result of some of our marketing activity the listings come and then we are flat out handling the sales. When these circumstances occur we find that suddenly all our efforts need to lurch back into finding new listings to ensure continuity of income.

For the true Real Estate Sales Professional this situation is not a problem as they have mastered the techniques, disciplines and attitude to understand they need to operate like a business. They don’t rely on hope and luck for sales.

“I hope the phone will ring and if I am lucky I will get the listing”. This is no way to ensure a reliable income for you and your family.

If we take the example of a large business like Wesfarmers, who, when considering opening a new Bunnings warehouse worth many millions of dollars, don’t just decide on a location without spending money on a study of the areas demographics to see if the store will make a profit.

The approach in real estate is the same; you need to think like a business towards your prospecting.  You need to decide where and how you are going to operate to generate the profits you need to be the success you want to be. How effective you prospect will be in direct proportion to your prosperity and your long term viability in the business.

With regard to your prospecting I feel a good test is for you to be able to answer these three questions comprehensively.

1. Where do you operate?

2. Why do you operate there?

3. How do you operate there?

These questions need to be able to be answered if you are to have a long term career in the industry as it is only with an understanding of the importance of good effective prospecting will you build your career and guarantee your future.

In the next post I will cover what you need to consider in deciding where you will operate. In the meantime reflect on how you would answer these questions with regard to your business.

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest” ~ Warren Buffett.

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Kent Lardner

Map Based Prospecting

Lower affordability is not the only problem created by our housing shortage. Many agents tell me finding listings is becoming increasingly harder, creating a stronger emphasis on skilled prospecting.

The challenges of prospecting for listings have much in common with prospecting for gold. I found an article on this subject written by Les Lowe in 2009, which highlights the benefits of being flexible, using maps and technology and pursuing every target.

“It should be remembered that almost all of today’s major gold mines originated as a result of a prospector’s discovery. Prospectors are flexible… and are open-minded. They’ve led where mining companies have followed”.

When working a specific suburb or geographical region you can use demographic trends, ownership data and freely available information on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) website to enhance your prospecting efforts.

In terms of being flexible, you may find the way you prospect for listings varies between each market segment. The classic fridge magnet may continue to generate some leads, but trying new techniques could yield better results.

“Geological maps and the writings of past gold explorers are two valuable sources of information on where to find gold”.

Ownership reports at a suburb level are generally too large to manage and street level reports too small. Using mapping technology to define a region in terms of demographics or years since purchased can be valuable.

The ABS offers 2006 Census information on maps for free. MapStats – A series of thematic maps showing the distribution of Census data for a chosen location can help an agent analyse a market in terms of average age, income, occupation or one of near 30 data variable options.


  • Go to and follow the links to MapStats
  • Select the location (suburb) you wish to review
  • Select the topic (for example age)
  • View MapStats by Census Collection District (click here to view sample)

The MAP tab is also a great tool. Go to 2006 Census Data by Location and select the map tab, then select Census Collection District. Each CCD is numbered, allowing you to label each prospecting zone.



“Today’s prospectors also have many advantages over his predecessors …. advanced technologythe internet and government departments”.

Australian agents do have it pretty good when it comes to creating prospect reports. In the US, a list of 1200 prospects would sell for more than $100 (example). Subscribers to data products (like PriceFinder) can generate effectively the same report combing ABS information with our ownership reports, without spending anything more than your subscription fee.

Creating an ownership report at a suburb level is generally too large. Breaking the market down into smaller districts like a Census Collection District (CCD) helps. For the 2006 Census, there is an average of about 225 dwellings in each CCD.



Searching using the CCD number 1241208 then presents all of the relevant census data for the location.


Here we can see that 18% of the area are aged 65 or over, which is our target market segment for this example.

Ownership reports can be created that follow the CCD boundary, or any other zone specific by you.


Within this CCD I can then locate nearly 40 owners who have purchased before the year 2000 using the Owner Report (address, DoNotCall washed phone number and names) for a targeted campaign. Creating this map and report took all of 20 seconds using PriceFinder, allowing me to build a list of up to 1000 well profiled prospects in my market within 1 or 2 hours. Once you export the Excel version of the report you may even save it with the CCD number for future reference in your Customer Relationship Management Database (CRM).

“When using a metal detector, always dig every target. What sounds like a tin can has often been a decent nugget.”

Keep building on your CRM database and your brand through this work. Maybe none of those 40 owners we target today may list this year, but you can establish strong long-term relationships and referrals through these prospecting efforts.

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