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Greg Vincent

Real Estate Agents: Who says size doesn’t matter?

The real estate industry has become more and more mobile over the past few years and now with technology growing at a break-neck speed the ability to do a whole lot more out in the field is now taking place in the palm of your hand.

Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Technology

We are starting to see lots of emerging iPhone & iPad Apps PLUS applications suitable for other mobile devices are also being developed, but 2 of the big players Dell & Apple have just released their latest TV Commercials and it would appear that in the tablet space there’s plenty of focus around whether size does matter or not?

Dell have just released their handheld tablet the Dell Streak which is also a lot more affordable then Apple iPad.

Here’s the Dell Streak TV AD

Whereas the Apple iPad, whilst being a larger device and more expensive, I believe that the huge resource of Applications and the size of the display screen makes it much more practical for real estate agents, especially when doing a listing presentation.

Here’s the latest Apple iPad TV Ad

I also think that Open Home visitors will feel more comfortable entering their details into a larger device like the Apple iPad than something that looks like a large phone or a Sony PSP. (for the moment anyway).

Outside of the practical applications for real estate agents the new Dell Streak looks like it could be another interesting play maker in the mobile/portable technology sector. What do you think?

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