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Greg Vincent

A Quick Test For Your Real Estate Website

To test if your website is working for you or not you should do an honest assessment of your website conversion & the biggest test for conversion on a real estate agent’s website should be based on how many people actually opt in to receive more information via the agent’s website.

To get a better idea of how well your website is converting, each week you should compare the number of online subscribers you receive against the number of visits the site had that week.


Plus, here’s 5 things to check for on your real estate website.

1. How many newsletter and/or property alert subscribers do you get automatically from your website each week? (automatically means they type the info in, not you)

2. Do you have an RSS Feed option on your site?

3. Do you use Tell a Friend style marketing?

4. Are there icons or links that make it easy for someone to share your website content with their friends on sites like twitter, Facebook & other bookmarking sites?

5. Excluding tenancy applications, how many of your website visitors actually fill out a form to book an inspection or request an appraisal on your website?

Direct phone or email enquiry from an agent’s company website would probably amount to about 95% of the actual conversion on a real estate agent website.

Whilst I understand that phone & email enquiry is critical to the survival of your business, it can also be the most time consuming.

If you can compliment your over the phone & email enquiry with an automatic, ongoing conversion of pipeline customers via your company website then you’ll be destined towards achieving huge success.

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