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Tom Caraccio

The Only Vote That Counts Is The Client’s

If You’re Not Sure Whether Something Will Work or Not, TEST it Out and Let the Client Tell You Whether It’s Right.  Only Direct Response Advertising Can Give You This Power To Test.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that when you send out a letter, or drop a flyer that people are actually going to call you, are going to want what you have?  I know my members sleep well at night, knowing that their marketing is working for them. This money making principle applies not only to marketing but to your sales process and sales choreography also. You should be asking yourself an important question?

“What does your client want?”

Failing to understand and address your client’s needs is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Rather than assuming or guessing you know the answers, you should be asking your prospects directly by tracking and researching their needs. When it comes to advertising most people spend their money on blind faith, hoping they are going to get a return. This is an expensive and often tragic mistake. How do we put a marketing question to a vote? We test and compare one technique against the other.  The point is, this is not guesswork. You will be amazed that one approach always substantially out pulls all the other by a tremendous margin.  You’ll also be amazed at how many more sales you can realise from the same effort

The purpose of testing is to demand maximum performance from every marketing effort

So how do you do this?  You need to know your customers well. You need to know what keeps them awake at night, what they are talking about around the water cooler, what their wants, needs and desires are. Once you know all this, you have to design information that addresses this and positions you as the problem solver.  This is how they make up their mind about doing business with you. Real-Estate-Solution So, do you know the needs, wants, desires and frustrations of all your different types of clients? For real estate, the needs and frustrations of a first home buyer are going to be very different to someone looking at upsizing to a larger home and very different again for someone downsizing.  People downsizing may be doing so because they can’t afford to keep the place they are in, maybe there is all this empty space to keep clean and it frustrates them. Whereas your first home buyer is nervous; they are excited but are anxious about entering the property market.  You need to know all of this.  Once you can “enter the conversation your clients are already having in their head” it becomes easy for them to do business with you.  You become the obvious choice, as you seem to know what they need and want. Once you start to master the art of asking questions of your clients to see what their needs are, once you start marketing yourself from the point of what your clients want, you will see the money start rolling in.  Who would you choose; someone who understood your wants and needs or someone who couldn’t relate to what you were saying and had their own agenda? I know who I would pick. I am sure you would agree that many others would do the same. So remember in marketing and in your sales process, the only vote that counts is the clients.