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The Real Estate University Launches

I’ve been really looking forward to today, with the launch of this site, but I also must say that I’m even more excited about tomorrow & what’s in store for the real estate industry.

The Real Estate University has been developed to provide a central resource for real estate agents to learn from some of our industries greatest thought leaders, real estate trainers and top performers.

Agents, property managers & staff members can use this site to discover ideas, share opinions, knowledge and experience to not only help themselves ‘achieve real estate success’, but also help others within the real estate industry succeed too.

Real Estate University contributors will provide insights & success tips that are designed to help provide a pathway forward towards real estate success by sharing their extensive knowledge and experience.

You’ll also learn insights about where the real estate industry is heading with marketing, training, customer service & technology.

Gen Y - The Future Of Real Estate

The ‘New Age’ of real estate is here and for the first time in history, this year Gen Y will outnumber Baby Boomers, which means that technology will start to have an even bigger impact on the real estate industry.

That’s why the Real Estate University has recruited a number of innovative contributors to help provide the way forward with the ‘How To’ of embracing the new world of real estate technology as well.

Other Real Estate University contributors will provide some helpful scripts and dialogues, yet others will help with systems, legislation, compliance, etc.

Whatever you need some help with, there should always be something here at the Real Estate University to help you ‘achieve real estate success’.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of this incredible information, you may want to consider subscribing to this site via email here or subscribe to the RSS feed

It’s going to be really interesting to see what information is shared here at the Real Estate University and what new ideas will develop along the way.  I’m also looking forward to seeing what some of the other amazing contributors will be sharing with us all too.

Whether you are new to the real estate industry or an experienced agent, property manager, staff member or industry service provider the Real Estate University will always provide something of interest to you.

If you have any thoughts or opinions about anything posted here at the Real Estate University please feel most welcome to comment.

If you feel that you have something to offer to the Real Estate University and would like to apply to be a contributor please email your request/submission here.

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8 Responses to “The Real Estate University Launches”

  • HI Greg,

    I think the site looks very good and i see this being a valuable resource to agents especially the cutting edge ones who are always going to be a step ahead of other agents who refuse to embrace technology, especially social networks.

    I look forward to reading the content.

  • Great site Greg. I think this will provide an invaluable resource for real estate agents. Well done. :)

  • Well done Greg on producing an excellent source for all clear thinking Real Estate people. I have been in Real Estate a long time and am amazed at the vitality of the Y Gen and what they are bringing to the industry Your Real Estate University will keep me in the loop. Thank you and Congratulations Greg

  • G’Day Greg,

    Site looks great. Look foward to being part of the community

  • Geoff White says:

    Well done Greg, you have done an excellent job with the site, it has something for everyone. Keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations Greg, looking forward to more great discussions.

  • Congratulations Greg! Look forward to checking in frequently and reading about some great topics!

  • Thanks for all the great support from everyone.

    Behind the scenes I’ve brought together some amazing contributors who have joined the Real Estate University team. I can’t wait to share who they are and the great information/tips that they have in store for the Real Estate University readers.

    Each article may prompt some questions, thoughts or opinions about that particular topic. If you do have any questions, please don’t sit back passively and think that maybe you’re the only one with that particular thought or issue.

    You’ll find that you will get a lot more out of the Real Estate University site by getting involved with the discussion by commenting on the posts.

    Also, you’ll find that other readers may have similar issues or may have the right answer to a current issue that you are facing in real estate, either way by getting involved, hopefully as a community we can help each other along the way.

    PS: Please make the contributors feel welcome as they join the site and feel free to comment or ask them questions.

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