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Tips For Converting More Website Visitors Into Customers

If you’re looking to generate more business over the internet, Website Conversion is one of the 2 critical components that will determine the level of online success that you can achieve.

The 2 Critical Components are:-

1. Generate Traffic
2. Website Conversion

When it comes to generating traffic, I can show you lots of ways that you can generate consistent free traffic to your website.

But if you want real results from the internet, it’s important to understand that if your website doesn’t convert very well then all you’d have is traffic passing through your site.


Conversion is about engaging & connecting with your customers in such a way that they want to either contact you to do business with you straight away or they want to subscribe to your information.

Getting your Website Conversion right is extremely important to your real estate business.

I cringe when I see some agents wasting thousands of dollars on those expensive banner advertisements on the major portals & the traffic gets wasted on a non-converting website.

Now, on the other hand you could have the greatest converting website in the world, but if you don’t have traffic then you also have no customers.

Can you see that Traffic & Conversion go hand in hand?

To help you achieve greater website conversion, here are 3 things you can do to make sure that you’ve optimized your company website.

1. Use good sales copy
2. Have different landing pages (eg.subscription, request appraisal)
3. Include effective calls to action.

Also, on each page on your website, think about what the main goal that you hope to achieve is & optimise each page to ensure that it converts in accordance with that goal.

Here are some Conversion Goals agents should focus on (in no particular order)

• Newsletter Subscription
• Property Alert Subscription
• RSS Feed Subscription
• Tell a friend
• Bookmark/Share your site
• Book an inspection
• Request an Appraisal
• Contact you or your office

The better your site converts the bigger your database will become. Then, if you market to it effectively you will have new business constantly flowing into your agency, without the need to do expensive marketing campaigns.

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  • John says:

    Yes lots of good points in your article. It is easily said though as there are not too many agent websites which have share widgets on them allowing users to easily connect with social networks.

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