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What’s The Best Customer Service Experience You’ve Ever Had?

I enjoy asking people this question because it often takes their mind back to a really happy moment in their life & normally the experience isn’t something that has come directly from a company as such. It’s normally something a staff member has gone out of their way to do.

I’ve experienced a lot of great customer service over the years, but there is one customer service experience that I’ve had that just stands out head & shoulders above the rest.

We were holidaying in Whistler, Canada and staying at the Delta Whistler Hotel to enjoy our first ever White Christmas .

My wife Annette & I wanted to make everything just right for our daughters Natasha & Katelin, so we made sure that we booked a room with an open fireplace so Santa Claus could come down the chimney.

I must say that the whole town of Whistler was like something out of a Fairy Tale, but what happened back at our hotel needed to be seen to be believed.

Everything was decorated magnificently, the restaurant had a beautiful miniature Christmas display that was breathtaking & kept Natasha & Katelin mesmerized for ages.

On Christmas Day they had one of Santa’s helpers downstairs giving out presents & they even put on a special show with Barney the Dinosaur (who was bigger than The Wiggles at the time). We were all having the time of our lives.

But the best part about our whole experience was something special that one of the staff at the hotel did for us.

We were down in the foyer, heading out to dinner with friends, when all of a sudden 3 blokes walked into the hotel with a huge Christmas Tree. It was obvious that they were guests of the hotel & that they were taking the tree up to their room.

The tree had only just been cut because there was snow dripping off the branches onto the foyer carpet & was so big that they had difficulty getting it to fit into the lift. It was really funny to watch them squeezing up against the tree so they could all fit into the lift & get the doors to close at the same time.

Seeing these guys struggling with the tree made me realise that we didn’t have a Christmas Tree in our room. So we walked up to the Concierge & asked if they knew of anywhere that we could get a tree or even a branch of a pine tree for our room.

He said they didn’t know where to get a tree or a branch but he’d see what he could do.

We then went off to dinner with our friends & didn’t think any more about the tree…until we got back to our room from dinner to find a fully decorated Christmas Tree, with lights flashing, lighting up our room.

We were blown away…

It was the icing on the cake for our White Christmas holiday & I’ll never know how they got the tree in our room or where it came from.  And, if you think about it, the hotel probably had lots of Christmas Decorations sitting in a box in storage or they could have taken the Christmas Tree from somewhere else in the hotel,  but none of that mattered in our eyes. All that mattered was that they went to the extra effort to do that for us & it made us feel special.

And because they did that for us, we’ve told lots of people about this experience & won’t hesitate to stay there again in the future.

How to have customers raving over your service?

Now in analysing the experience, when booking our holiday we had an in-built expectation for a certain level of service from this company, but in the end it was the great customer service delivered by one of their people within the company that left the greatest lasting impression.

As a real estate agent, your clients will all have differing opinions about the level of service they expect from you & your company, whilst it is vitally important that you deliver on your promises, doing that little something over & above is the thing that will have your customers raving about you.

There are lots of things that you can do to impress customers.

There are lots of things that you already do that probably go unnoticed that you can be made to appear more obvious to your customers. You need to leave footprints or evidence of service in your day-to-day activities. (eg. the hotel cleaners don’t just put a new toilet roll in the holder, they fold the end of the paper to make sure the customers know that it’s new.)

If you want to generate more business,I recommend that you have a brainstorming session with your team about customer service.

Ask each member to share their best customer service experience & what made it the best ever customer service experience for them.

Then come up with a few simple ideas about leaving evidence of service or doing something above & beyond what the customer expects. And then start implementing them one after the other into your business.

Remember your customers like nice surprises. So make sure they are simple, easy to implement & come as a complete surprise to the customer.

Please feel welcome to share the best customer experience you’ve ever had underneath this article.

Alternatively, if there’s something that you currently do that is totally unexpected & WOW’s your customers, I’m sure that the Real Estate Mentor readers would love to learn about them and how they work for you.

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